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May. 30th, 2015

A post. Because why the hell not.

Images. I've been messing around making 'retro gaming' images from the heyday of companies like Sierra and LucasArts. Either I'm making parody images of current Pop Culture and adding them to older games that laugh in the face of all things anachronistic, or taking images from the more recent games and making it look like it was made a (game graphic) generation earlier.

My latest image is adding Sam and Dean Winchester to a scene from Quest for Glory - they just ganked an Ogre.

I figured a few SPN fans out there would appreciate it.

My other images can be found here:

Pop Culture Stuffs: http://archive.legendsofglory.com/gallery/index.htm
Retro game images: http://archive.legendsofglory.com/demakes/index.htm
So... last nights episode of Supernatural had what could only be mentioned as the greatest scene in the history of the show.

The "Cas Boop"!

It's a running inside joke in our family, and our dog is even trained to let us 'boop' his nose with the treat before he's allowed to go for it.

So I made her a sig image!

And, for great justice: The larger, full size version!

The things I do for you, rosy5000.

Zany little picture edit...

So, my Aunt, rosy5000, has a thing for both Gerrard Butler (Leonidas!) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Van Wilder), and well, I've got a thing for Katherine Heigl and Sandra Bullock...

This picture was just a random, insane thought we had one night when talking. I just have to say... Ryan looks scared out of his mind...

Click here to see the pic.Collapse )


So, it's saying I've not updated this in 100 weeks.

I just want to restart the timer.


Daemon!? Whoo!

So, I took this online quiz thingy from an upcoming movie. It's not a fox, but close enough :D

Dunno if any of you have taken this yet, but check it out :D